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AlfaQuest/PrePRESS/Monotype Ultara 36

Serial Number:21386
Includes:All standard manufacturers accessories.
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Inventory Number:82165695
Listing Number:1396
Resolution:3048 dpi
Laser:Visible red
Speed:40 in/min @ 1200 dpi


The AlfaQuest/PrePRESS/Monotype Ultara 36 imagesetter is a great backup unit for spare parts.

Note: This item is included in our Reverse Auction. Click here for auction details. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for price reductions.

- Consists of an visible red laser diode capstan imagesetter with 14.2" ouput measure. 
- Ten user-selectable resolutions: 900, 1016, 1200, 1270, 1524, 1800, 2032, 2400, 2540 and 3048dpi. 
- Dot size is 16 microns at 2540dpi, and 30 microns at 900dpi. 
- Repeatability is +/- .001" over eight contiguous color separations, 24" in length. 
- Imaging speed is 53.3" per minute at 900dpi, and 15.7" per minute at 3048dpi. 

Equipment is sold for parts value only - will be complete and turn on -- no warranty.

Accessories Included

    • Operating Manual
    • Power Cord
    • Equipment software system
    • Buffer Assembly
    • Supply Cassette
    • Take-up Cassette

Physical Specifications *

Dimensions: 53D x 28W x 45H
Weight: 500 lbs.
Crated Dimensions: 57D x 32W x 47H, 717 lbs.

Available Add-Ons

  • Densitometers

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