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Kelleigh 310 Platemaker Platemaker

Serial Number:310-745
Includes:Palletized, packed and wrapped for shipment.
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Inventory Number:86189594
Listing Number:1738
Plate Type:Solid Flexo Photopolymer Plates
Plate Size Max.:24 x 30" (610 x 762 mm)


The Kelleigh 310 photopolymer platemaker is for flexo photopolymer plates and includes accurate imaging, washout unit, drying drawer and finishing procedure.

Specification: Handles solid flexo photopolymer plates up to 24 x 30" (610 x 762 mm). Features imaging accuracy through the use of very high intensity "rapid start" UV lamps which insure that exposures remain consistent from plate to plate. The washout section is made from corrosion resistant materials and features two counter rotating brushes and drum to drum replenishment along with a negative pressure ventilation system. Process tank is 13 gallons. The integral dryer provides faster and more uniform drying with an adjustable digital temperature control. Finishing uses germicidal frequency ultra violet lamps to detack the dried plate. Electrical: 220 v 3 phase (+10% -5%) 60 Hz. Power: 25A, 4 wire with ground. Air: 90 psi @ 7 CFM dry filtered 1/4" NPT. Exhaust Out: 6" vent 550 CFM free air.

Accessories Included

    • Operating Manual

Physical Specifications *

Dimensions: 44D x 85W x 48H
Weight: 1815 lbs.
Crated Dimensions: 48D x 89W x 50H, 2269 lbs.

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